Enel-med has chosen Galeria Malta as its new branch

Galeria Malta's offer has expanded with a new tenant from the medical industry. On February 4, the enel-med network opened its second branch in Poznań. A private clinic and dental clinic is a completely new type of service available at the Poznań shopping center.

The enel-med brand has joined the group of tenants of Galeria Malta, thus expanding its clinic network with a second branch in Poznań. The clinic is located on level 2 of the center, near the food court zone, and occupies the area of 695 sqm. The new branch is a combination of a specialist clinic for adults and dental clinic. The facility has 8 modern doctor's offices, ultrasound and ECG laboratories, as well as a collection point and treatment room. The Enel-med branch at Galeria Malta also has a dental clinic with 3 doctor’s offices and an x-ray lab.

"We keep in mind the needs and preferences of our clients, which is why we strive for the best tenant-mix, rich in new services and amenities. The Enel-med clinic and dental clinic will certainly complement the existing offer of our shopping center, giving clients access to a wide range of specialist doctors, examinations and dental services, ensuring consistent shopping comfort. We are pleased that such a known and respected brand has joined our group of tenants” – said Lech Polański, Galeria Malta Director.

The Enel-med group offers full medical service throughout the country. The group includes multi-profile outpatient clinics, two hospitals, diagnostic departments and specialist clinics: aesthetic medicine and sports medicine. Since 2011, Enel-med is a company listed on the Stock Exchange. The Enel-med and Enel-med dental clinics in Galeria Malta can be used on a subscription or one-time visits basis. The advantage of this department is the possibility of periodic examinations and visits to an occupational medicine doctor. An additional convenience for patients is a multi-storey car park for 1800 cars and elevators adapted to the needs of the disabled.