Here can be Your POP-UP store!

  • Are you already the proud owner of your very own business and have created a winning brand? - We are so proud of you, too!
  • Do you wish to further develop your business, gain new markets and test new sales channels? - We wish to support you!
  • Are you held back by high investment costs and long term obligations? - We can help you move forward! If the answer is yes, read on!


POP-UP STORE is an easy way for businesses with modest budgets to test a retail channel in a friendly shopping center environment. No large investments, no time consuming space modifications. No long term agreements.


POP-UP STORE  might be the solution just for you! No need to decide on a huge investment. All you have to do is rent our pop-up space for flexible time, up to a maximum of 6 months.  Give it a try! Pop-ups have proved to be a successful concept, arousing strong interest from our current and new customers. POP-UP STORE can help you boost sales volumes and build strong awareness of your brand.  

NOTE! Despite a rapid growth of online shopping transactions, only approximately 11% of retail sales happen online in Poland.


Simple and helpful - POP-UP STORE ADVANTAGES:


  • You will have the opportunity to interact in person with your current customers, establish relationships and promote your brand to new ones
  • You can create a unique, engaging bricks-and-mortar shopping experience with an exceptional space design
  • You may see your financial risk significantly reduced. You don’t need to sign a long term lease agreement or blow your budget on expensive interior arrangements
  • You will have the opportunity to test your company strategy, products, new markets and get valuable feedback on your brand’s retail concept
  • Once you POP-UP and it proves successful, you will be offered the option to turn it into a long term lease and become a full scale brand store.

So lets get started!