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Procedure of lodging and investigating complaints

Numerous directors and employees of the SBAM company are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. (RICS). According to the rules of RICS, employees and management of the SBAM company are obliged to implement a procedure of lodging and investigating complaints.

User who wishes to lodge a complaint or a claim related to services rendered by advisors of SBAM, should in the first place contact a director or an employee who was in charge of the given services, using contact details given on our website. This person shall confirm receiving a claim within seven calendar days and shall reply to the claim with reasoning, within 28 calendar days.

If a user does not find such reply as satisfactory, he should contact Member of Management Board at ul. Sienna 39, Warsaw, Poland, 00-121. In justified cases, a complaint shall be considered in detail through internal investigation, and we will do our best to present a response within the deadline specified above.

In case the case is not solved, we can direct it for further investigation by an independent mediator.

Clients, who are not satisfied with services of SBAM and the outcome of the internal investigation or mediation, can address a claim to the National Chamber of Commerce at ul. Trębacka 4 w Warsaw, postal code 00-074, or under the telephone number +48 22 630 9600.

Clients who have reservations related to professional ethics of SBAM and the result of the internal investigation or mediation, should address a complaint to the dispute department of RICS under the telephone number: +44 20 7334 3806 or send it through a website www.rics.org