Malta Evolution – embracing our changing world.

It's time for a great modernization of Galeria Malta! New features, new tenants and even more entertainment are just some of the changes that are already taking place at Galeria Malta!

Galeria Malta is undergoing an important transformation, which it grew up to after a ten-year presence in Poznan. Those who visited Galeria Malta as children and teenagers, are now adults who lead a different lifestyle to their parents. What do residents of Poznań coming to Malta need today? Another shopping gallery? Or maybe a place where they can rest well, meet up with friends, see an exhibition, go to the cinema, spend time doing their favorite sport or do shopping? The answer is clear, and it results from what Galeria Malta accustomed the inhabitants to. This is a friendly place, opened to the surroundings, being in harmony with what is around. New investments will allow to use the advantages of Galeria Malta, creating more and more creative and, in time, the most dynamic place in Poznań. The development strategy of Malta assumes the creation of a unique destination on the map of Poznań: the new urban space, both from a functional and architectural point of view. Thanks to the changes, a coherent unity will be created, consisting of multifunctional areas, naturally being combined into one attractive space for spending time and relaxation as well as shopping. 

"We wanted to redefine Galeria Malta when working on a new evolution strategy. First was to understand the evolving needs of our clients and the role of the center as a social institution and its individual functions. I think that we have analyzed them well, which will result in a new design, a commercial and gastronomic offer as well as an approach to the customer. Many of our loved tenants will stay with us, but importantly the portfolio of stores is constantly expanding thanks to signing contracts with the most-liked brands. The first floor will turn into something that has not yet existed in Poznań! We want the character of this place, and especially the unique location of Galeria Malta, to serve the residents of Poznań better in realizing their various needs and desires. For example, we have already introduced further family offers such as Lider Plac Zabaw (a high-quality children’s entertainment center) and a medical center, Enel-med at the beginning of the next year. We believe in ourselves, in our creative and organizational potential." – comments Lech Polański, the center’s director. 

Due to the works being carried out, the locations of some stores will change. Well-known and liked tenants as: CCC, TK Maxx, H&M, Carry, New Yorker, Empik will stay at Galeria Malta. New brands will also be located on the ground floor and Malta’s clients will be able to use their offer as soon as autumn 2019. After completing the relocation of tenants, the first floor will be adapted for rearrangement works. 

Galeria Malta is about to go through an unprecedented transformation! Galeria Malta has been building its identity in the minds of Poznań residents for years as a well-known, popular and family-friendly center. It is also a place of entertainment and leisure, which fits into the increasingly visible trend of spending free time outside home. The new offer and tenant mix of Galeria Malta will harmoniously complement the range of attractions gathered around the Maltańskie Lake. The surrounding areas have always been a vibrant space, full of positive energy, joy and closeness to nature. The new Galeria Malta will become a unique meeting point and a synonym of wonderful times. It will be Malta, which previous clients know well and appreciate, but with an extensive and refined offer: there will be new brands closely related to urban culture and lifestyle. 

The very popular entertainment tenants will remain in the center. However, their portfolio will grow significantly. In June the Lider Plac Zabaw opened a creative concept for children, organized in the form of a chocolate factory. In Malta, at the beginning of 2020, there will also be an enel-med medical operator that will occupy premises of 700 sqm. The facility will have the character of a multi-profile branch and will offer the most wanted medical specialties: general medicine, ophthalmology, laryngology, gynecology and occupational health medicine. 

"We want everyone visiting Galeria Malta, regardless of age, to find here everything they need, both for the soul and for the body. And every moment spent in this extraordinary space to bring new energy and a desire to return here as soon as possible" – summarizes Lech Polański, the center's director.