Galeria Malta with a rich offer for winter holidays

With the arrival of winter holidays in Wielkopolska, Galeria Malta features many attractions and educational activities for children and youth which have not been present in Poznań before. Two unusual exhibitions: "Zatorland" with real-size dinosaurs and "The Illusion Factory" await the youngest clients. Creative workshops and day camps in the robotics zone will complement the offer.

On Saturday, January 25, “Zatorland” – an interactive exhibition of dinosaurs will open at Galeria Malta, including 22 models of prehistoric reptiles of the original size, including tyrannosaur, stegosaurus, oviraptor and baryonyx. The exhibition will be made even more attractive by workshops for small paleontologists, the opportunity to take a souvenir photo in the shell of a giant egg or a ride on the back of one of the great reptiles. 

The second unusual exhibition – “The Illusion Factory”, designed for children from 4 to 12 years old, will also start on that day. The exposition will include technically advanced exhibits, explaining unusual phenomena in the field of optics, physics and chemistry in an interesting and accessible way. All this will be presented against a surprising historical background. Both exhibitions will be on display from January 25 to March 8, 2020 on the 1st floor, next to the Reserved store. 

We are constantly trying to surprise our customers with a new offer, inviting to cooperate with partners who are not yet known on the local market. Two unique exhibitions presented in our shopping center, workshops, day camps and film shows are just some of the attractions prepared for our youngest clients during their winter break in school. We are glad that we will be able to provide children and youth from our city with such a rich, diverse and attractive offer, which will certainly become one of the distinguishing features of Galeria Malta during the winter holidays” – said Lech Polański, Galeria Malta Director.

The offer of the Poznań shopping center during the winter holidays will be complemented by a day camps prepared by the GO4Robot zone, which every day shows technological innovations to its guests and teaches the basics of programming. There will also be regular attractions available at Galeria Malta every day. They will include Agata's Workshops (an interactive studio organizing development activities), acrobatics school, Malta squash club, Escape Room, children's film shows at Multikino and Lider playground.