Stay connected with our summary of the latest national news updates on COVID-19 and the impact on the real estate market.

From Friday the 13th, when the ban was announced, to April Fools day, when the laws aimed at helping those affected are in now in place, we could be forgiven that we are in some other world.


Reality is now biting as today’s news update focus shows. Companies are beginning to take drastic action (see the daily figures from “Central Registration and Information on Business” below) Moreover the government is accepting and preparing for a likely imminent recession.


In the background, however, the industry expects further amendments to the Anti-crisis shield legislation to fix the widely criticised poor drafting. This will of course come with intense lobbying and perhaps further uncertainty in the short term. Meanwhile, we have a position to work with.


In the FINALLY section below, today we bring you a banana bread recipe – easy and “fit” baking, provided by master baker (and Sierra Balmain asset management and daily news team member, Agata Tkaczyk, because we could all do with some good comfort food right now!