Another tenant joins Galeria Malta

Galeria Malta strengthens its position in the recreation and entertainment segment of Poznań. Crazy Carts is getting ready for the official opening, with the first drifting track in the city. This is another original concept that distinguishes Malta from the competition.

Galeria Malta, consistently since 2019, has been implementing activities aimed at building a new format of a social center that is one of the largest entertainment and recreation centers in the region. The center has the largest squash club in Poznań. There are also headquarters of: a robotics zone, two escape rooms, the Poznań School of Acrobatics, a fitness club and the Leader playground. Malta invites clients to interactive temporary exhibitions and educational activities. By Happy Museum, opened this year, was quickly ranked first among the greatest attractions of Poznań selected by TripAdvisor users.


Another tenant at Malta – the Crazy Carts Drifting Academy – is in line with the Sierra Balmain Group's development strategy, which focuses on building an offer of managed centers based on original, new generation attractions, i.e. creative, engaging places, using new technologies.


„We are looking for non-standard solutions for our centers. In the era of an ongoing pandemic, it is one of our priority actions. When the restrictions are lifted, we want to be ready with a unique offer that meets customer expectations and is our distinguishing feature in a competitive market” – says Lech Polanski, Centre Manager.       


The first drifting track in Poznań, opened at Galeria Malta, covers an area of 750 square meters. It is designed for driving special electric go-karts imitating skidding. It is a unique game that even four-year-old children can take part in. Everything takes place in safe conditions, under the supervision of an instructor who tells you how to properly drive the vehicle.